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Airport Transfers

Airport Transfer Service

We offer a competitive transfer service using our fleet of modern minibuses which are all fully equipped for mountain conditions and insured for passenger transport.  We are a fully licenced transport operator (licence no 2018/84/0002458) for France and Switzerland and whilst our service is mainly aimed at our own chalet and self catered guests, we are also able to provide transfers for the general public.


The Services We Provide

Our transfer service is personal to us - our drivers have 'weekday' jobs with us too and know our company and our chalets.  They could be your chalet host, the office staff, our resort managers or even one of our directors - whoever collects you will be the start of the personal service we provide. All our staff providing our transfer service have been fully trained in their vehicles including winter driving and they all hold a French professional driving licence to provide passenger transport in a professional capacity. The drivers collecting you from Geneva have satisfied the additional requirements in Switzerland and have a criminal records check and at least two years of driving experience in some professional capacity.  


Option 1 - Shared Service 

The shared service operates on Saturdays only from Grenoble and Geneva to the Three Valleys, La Plagne Montalbert, La Plagne Montchavin and Peisey-Vallandry and we would recommend you fly to one of these airports as they are the best served in the area for both the flights and the transfer service.  With our standard service, we plan  guests to travel together with scheduled flight times of within about an hour of each other.  Transfers are scheduled around you - so you can choose any flight you wish within our sociable hours policy.  This means scheduled landing time of before 18h00 on your arrival day and scheduled departure after 10h00 when you leave.  If your flights are outside of the sociable hours, then transfers can be provided on a private dedicated basis only (see below) - however, please bear in mind that you can only access the accommodation until 22h00 on Saturdays so later flights may not be possible anyway.  Because of the service guarantees, there is a minimum charge for small groups as we guarantee to provide the service at the time of your flight even if we have no other passengers for you to travel with.

Option 2 - Super Saver Service for Small Groups

For groups of 1, 2 or 3 passengers we offer a service with no minimum charge on Saturdays only from Geneva to the Three Valleys only.  If you are prepared to be flexible and potentially wait around at the airport when you arrive, and perhaps leave earlier than necessary when you go home, then the super saver service is for you.  We don't provide any guarantees on the waiting time with this service - other than we will get you to your accommodation on Saturday at some point.  For this service you need to book a flight which lands before 12h00 on your arrival day and departs after 15h00 on your departure day.  Of course, we try to schedule you as close as we can to your arrival and departure times but the service is priced to occupy spaces on an already running vehicle - so you have to wait until there is a space available.  We will let you know the time of your transfer on the Friday before each of your travel days - so you can plan for that pre-holiday beer at the airport if needed.  

Option 3 - Dedicated Private Transfers

If speed of departure is of utmost important to you, or you are travelling on other days, to other resorts or from other airports then our dedicated transfer service is the one for you.  The dedicated service offers you a private minibus for up to 8 passengers which is scheduled exactly for your flights - our driver will be at the arrivals hall when your flight lands and will leave immediately you are ready.  The dedicated service is also ideal if you are planning to make the most of your holiday and are staying in an airport hotel either the night before or night after your holiday - with a private transfer we can collect or deliver you to/from the hotel directly (from approx. 08h00 on Saturday morning onwards), without you needing to go to the airport to join your transfer.  For flights outside of the sociable hours a surcharge of 30% is applied - sociable hours means landing before 18h00 on your arrival day and taking off after 10h00 on your departure day.  Please note that access to our catered chalets is only possible before 22h00 on Saturday evenings so the later flights may not be possible anyway.


The small print .....


Although our service is shared, our policy is not to keep our guests waiting unneccessarily at the airport nor to take them on a guided tour of all the other resorts before they reach their own accommodation!  The service operates with minibuses and you will be sharing the minibus with other guests going to the same resort or general area - we will never combine guests from flights scheduled more than two hours apart as a maximum, but this is normally about an hour - other than those booking our cheaper flexible service.

The minimum charge for bookings of less than 4 people is based on our risk to deliver the service agreement - you are likely to still share your transfer with other guests but in the event that we do not have other guests fitting within the time/destination requirements, then we will still provide you with the service at the time you have booked (which then results in a loss to us in operating the service).  The higher price covers this risk and there are no refunds if you end up sharing with a larger group.  For those who do not wish to pay the higher price to secure their transfer in advance, you can book our "flexible service" if you are travelling to Geneva.  On the flexible service you must then fit into an existing minibus schedule and this will not be scheduled around your own flight times - we cannot give any indication at the time of booking how long the waiting times will need to be.  This also applies to the return journey where you will have to leave resort at the time of the existing vehicle and not at a time most suitable for your own flight. 

Despite our normal service level above, In the event of flight delays which are beyond our control, we may have to ask you to wait for other delayed guests OR indeed we may have to ask OTHER guests to wait for you!  We do not do this intentionally but sometimes it is unavoidable and we ask for your understanding and co-operation - we will point you towards the nearest airport bar/cafe and keep you posted of progress with the delayed flights.  In the event of extreme delays to a flight, it may not always be possible to wait for you - this could be because of other guests or because of drivers hours (due to safety) or other commitments for the vehicle. In this event, we will do our best to make alternative arrangements for you but this may involve additional cost to you if we are unable to provide the service within our existing resources and schedule - avoiding the last arriving flights will give you much more chance of us being able to reschedule your transfer.  However, to keep this in perspective - in almost 20 years of operating transfers, we have only ever had two cases where we were unable to reschedule an inbound transfer without extra cost to the client.  Your travel insurance should cover such eventualities but you need to make sure your particular policy covers your individual arrangements as some do not.  Our service levels are completely dependent on the timeliness of flights and whilst small or isolated delays will probably not have a major impact, occasionally a major incident in the Alps or in the UK will mean our transfer schedule has to be completely changed to make sure that all our guests arrive at their destinations - we do not accept claims or liability if your transfer is delayed for reasons beyond our control and would hope for your understanding at these times.

You will be provided with a contact number for your arrival day - and we will request a mobile number for you.  It is ESSENTIAL you keep us informed of any delays while you are still in your country of origin as some flights are not well tracked on the systems available to us and some airports (namely Chambery and Grenoble) do not have online arrival information available.  The earlier we know about a problem, the more pro-active we can be to solve it - we have a person dedicated to controlling and monitoring our vehicles and all guest arrivals on Saturdays on our Transfer Control Desk and this desk is manned from the first arrival in the morning to the last arrival at night.

There is plenty of space on board our vehicles for the carriage of skis, snowboards and other luggage - we do not make any charges for carriage of equipment or additional luggage (within reason!).  We automatically provide baby-seats and booster seats where we are aware there are children in the group - however, we advise you to let us know your requirements to make sure we have the right seats for your children.  Children have to occupy a seat and are charged at the same price as adults - children are not allowed to sit on parents' laps in any circumstances as this is against the law.  

Transfers will always be done by the best available route on the day, as determined by our transfer control desk who are constantly monitoring traffic and weather conditions and incidents on the roads.  This will be the motorway routes where appropriate and toll charges are included in the price.  The motorway is not always the best route - and we would appreciate if you do not act as a back seat driver with the assistance of your Google app!!  Google does not have the latest up to date information and their knowledge of local conditions at any one time is not as good as ours.  It is in our own interest to carry out your transfer by the most direct and quickest route - so trust that your driver knows what he or she is doing - believe us, the driver wants to get his job done as quickly as you do!

It is forbidden to consume alcohol or to smoke or vape in our minibuses.  We do not make any stops en-route for shopping or other purposes - but a comfort break will be made if required at a suitable location determined by the driver.  For guests in our self-catered accommodation, we will first take you to the key collection point to collect your keys and will then take you on to the residence you are staying in.  On departure, depending on your flight time, you may need to make your own way to the key agency as you may need to return your keys earlier than the departure time of your transfer.

For transfers from the railway stations on overnight trains, we will collect you between 08h00 and 09h00 on arrival day and not at 05h30 when the train arrives.  This is because there is nothing open in resort, and nowhere for you to go - it is therefore more comfortable for you to remain in the valley where you can eat breakfast in comfort.  We will collect you in time for you to be on the piste in the morning and you will be advised of the collection time the day before you travel.  On your return, if you are taking a late night train, you may be returned to the station after skiing or at a later time - please let us know your preference as to whether you prefer to eat your evening meal in the resort or in the valley.

Occasionally on busy weeks we may need to outsource transfers to one of our local partners where we do not have enough capacity on our own minibuses.  All our partners are professionally licenced and insured to the same standard as our own vehicles and drivers.

Where your party is travelling on different flights, we will allow you to be treated as one group for the purposes of pricing (and not apply the minimum charges for each flight).  In this case you must be PREPARED to wait for each other and travel on the same minibus if necessary which will be scheduled for the latest arriving and earliest departing flight.  However, there is no guarantee that you will travel together unless you have booked a dedicated service as we will plan the vehicles in the most efficient way to optimise the occupancy of seats.  We will require a mobile telephone number from a person on each flight.  If you wish to confirm the arrangements for your transfer, you can contact our transfer desk by email at on the day before you travel and we can advise you of the plan for your journey.